Only 250 mt away from the most beautiful beach sandy beach and sea of North Cyprus, your dream vacation home is waiting for you with specially personalized payment plans

Special Offer of the Month

1+0 Studio

43 m2

Down Payment

£ 8,900

Monthly Payment



60 Months

Interest Rate



Have you ever thought of the advantages of making an investment in North Cyprus? We asked our homeowners, they told us, we brought them together for you;


Sunny Weather at least 300 Days a Year

A quiet and peaceful life away from any rush


Visa-Free Travel (for EU, Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Iceland, Israel, Japan)

Convenient location with short flight distance to most countries


Permanent Residence Permit

In North Cyprus, one of the safest and most liberal countries in the world


Housing Sales with Rent Guarantee

Studio Apartment or Villa … Return from investment to profit in the shortest period


Vacation Homes for Sale

You could be a home owner in Cyprus, with various options of houses and villas.



Swim in one of the cleanest seas of the Mediterranean, have a walk in the natural golden beach, breathe full oxygen in fresh air, work out in open air sports facilities, have a traditional healthy meal, live a life with your beloved ones far away from stress and rush…

We believe you can find HEALTH, PEACE and HAPPINESS here, and we invite you to live with us all these beauties…

      Property in Cyprus

      Having several high quality universities within its borders, foster-land Cyprusis one of the countries that thousands of students from all around the world as well as Turkey choose to study. A good destination also for the ones who would like to improve their English, North Cyprus is again a very popular region with options of summer houses for sale or for rent.


      Cyprus has been the choice of more and more people in time for both study or living purposes, which at the first place brought to the forefront the need for housing. Ones looking for housing in Cyprus try various ways to purchase or rent a house, the first and easiest being going through the internet advertisements. However, most of these ads are out of date and cause many reliability problems.


      Kibris Global gives you counselling service on property investment and offers you the most up to date options of housing with a wide range of budget options and various alternatives of payment plans. Kibris Global, having a large portfolio all around Cyprus, has been giving professional service to its clients willing to invest in Cyprus since 2010.


      House for Sale in Cyprus

      With the counselling service we give to investors who would like to permanently settle in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus,we search for houses to meet the needs and wishes of them and give them all options with the most affordable prices.


      For solutions of housing for sale and for rent in Cyprus, you can get service from our company, one of the most experienced ones of its sector with its well-educated and professional team. If you also would like to get this service from an experienced team, you can contact us and ask every necessary detail you would like to learn about.



      Villa for Sale in Cyprus

      For your searches of villas for sale in Cyprus, ideal for big families or luxury lovers, a specialized work is carried out in the specific city you choose, and options suitable for your budget are drawn and taken into your service.


      You will make the most of this amazing nature in villas one more beautiful than the other. Ones looking for villas for sale to live in Cyprus, will see the beautiful and successful architecture here.


      Luxury Apartment for Sale in Cyprus

      Clients looking for an alternative to villas turn towards luxury apartments, located in the most profitable regions. These apartments are walking distance to the beach, have swimming pools, full-pledged in terms of social opportunities and designed with the most quality building materials.


      Purchasing a house having become very difficult in recent years, Cyprus is preferred with more affordable options it offers.


      Cost of Houses for Sale in Cyprus


      Cost of houses in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir having substantially increased, people have recently been urged to look for alternative locations for estate investment. Especially people who have a dream of a life in a coast town are searching for the costs of housing in Cyprus. A reasonable option, Cyprus has been the first choice of many due to its climate and living conditions. As Kibris Global, we help you purchase or rent houses in Cyprus with the best possible price options.



      Cost of Houses for Rent in Cyprus

      Rental apartments, widely preferred by students in the first place, are one of the most affordable accommodation options either furnished or non-furnished. These quite small apartments not ideal for crowded families, serve mainly to the accommodation needs of students. Besides group of students who prefer to rent a house together, also for single students looking for more comfortable housing, rental apartments are still the most affordable options. Luxury options of rental apartments are also available in our portfolio, for most students studying in Cyprus as well as single individuals looking for high quality living conditions.


      House for Rent in Cyprus

      Rental houses close to universities or other convenient locations are one of the most preferable values of Cyprus estate sector for people preferring to rent a house and getting to know the city better for a while before the decision of settling in Cyprus or for students. Our company, holding at hand Cyprus houses suitable for every budget and having the best team with their fingers on the pulse of the estate sector as Kibris Global, will serve you with a wide range of options in this sense. Our team will return you a specialized work with the best rental house options for you, after you inform us about the type of house you are looking for.


      Villa for Rent in Cyprus

      For the ones willing to spend their holiday in this beautiful country, the most affordable solution will be renting a villa in Cyprus. Rental villas for crowded families and especially for tourists coming from abroad, there are many rental villa options in our portfolio at the beachfront in the best locations. You can contact us to get detailed information about the appreciating and mostly preferred regions of the Island. You can find accommodation in a wide range of price options, from modest villas to the most luxury ones.


      Summer House for Rent in Cyprus

      A more economy option for summer holiday is vacation homes for rent in Cyprus. With a variety of options such as 1+0 studio apartments or 3+1 apartments, are the most affordable options for many people looking for holiday. Renting an apartment is much more economic and comfortable than having a holiday in a hotel with quite high expenses. It also enables you to keep your holiday duration longer. Even if you do not own a summer house, you can rent one and come use whenever you wish and have the chance of having a holiday with your beloved ones altogether.


      Cost of Houses for Rent in Cyprus

      As Kibris Global, having a command of the estate sector in all cities of Cyprus, we produce solutions for every budget in the shortest periods of time. You can get support from our company for all housing inquiries such as rental apartments ideal for students or villa options. By giving us information about the cities you prefer, you can also get details from our experienced team about living conditions and the estate market in those specific cities. Your address in Cyprus, Kibris Global is at your service with the most up to date and new property options and professional counselling.


      Houses for Sale by Owner in Cyprus

      Most of our clients searching the internet pages with advertisements of rental houses

      or houses for sale, come across with advertisements saying house for sale by owner in Cyprus and they are misdirected by and lose time with these old advertisements. Such experience is usually unpleasant for the ones planning to settle in a city they do not know well. Instead of making unnecessary phone calls only to learn that the house you liked has already been sold, you can work with us and get professional service. Purchasing a house is a serious decision and it is unfortunately possible for you to encounter swindlers while looking for your dream house. Therefore, it is advisable to choose respectable companies in order not to risk your investment.


      Estate Agency in Cyprus

      Thanks to our experienced team, we have made thousands of our clients home-owners since 2010. We are among the most trustable companies in the sector, having extended our portfolio in the best way as well as improving our service to having more and more satisfied clients. Our team, your Turkey-based solution partners, will give you professional service in terms of estate counselling in your search for Estate Agency for Cyprus. Kibris Global team, from whom you can get counselling service about future projects or available houses, can also give you support about properties and projects in Bodrum, Didim, Fethiye or Gocek. In your search for houses for rent or sale in Cyprus in the long term or short, you can get professional service from Kibris Global, becoming a world brand every other day.




      Contact Kıbrıs Global

      Karum AVM 2.Floor No: 302 G.O.P. ANKARA – TURKEY
      Telephone: +90 312 417 0057

      Doktorlar Sitesi Yani, Long Beach, Trikomo, T.R.N.C.
      Telephone: +90 533 836 9613

      Please call us for any questions you might have:

      +90 545 302 5601

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